4 Black and White Bathroom Ideas That Always Stay in Style

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The colors black and white never seem to go out of style. They go together like peas and carrots, and they particularly fit perfectly as the color scheme for a beautiful contemporary bathroom design.


When designing your bathroom, you’ll need to fill it with the ideal black and white fixtures including a new toilet bowl, your favorite choice of modern bathroom sinks, a new shower, faucets, spigots, and taps, and much more.


To help you generate black and white bathroom ideas, we’ve decided to share a list and explanation of some of our favorite recent styles from today’s hottest designers.


With that said, let’s take a closer look at four of our favorite most recent designs from the hottest designers working today.


  1. Jacques Grange’s Bathroom in His Paris Apartment


French architect and designer Jacques Grange has created a beautiful, modern bathroom design using only the minimalist colors black and white.


As part of this design, he has a Louise Bourgeois sculpture overlooking the entire bathtub. The floor is made of inlaid marble and it has a Byzantine pattern.


Not to be outdone, the faucet, sink, and bathtub were all made by L’Epi d’Or.


And to bring the entire room together, he added a 19th century chandelier.


This chandelier has a tiny splash of gold within it to help offset and accentuate the black and white interior space.


  1. Nate Berkus Bathroom Design in Tampa, Florida


Former Oprah Winfrey Show staple Nate Berkus is one of today’s trendiest designers. Not only was he a regular on the Oprah Winfrey Show, he also had his own design show called The Nate Berkus Show.


His black and white Tampa, Florida bathroom design is gorgeous as you can imagine.


Within the bathroom, there is a spherical chandelier that really works well with the entire design. And there is an authentic looking repurposed bookcase, which helps to offer contrasting shadows.


All in all, this design style helps to really bring out the bright white in this unencumbered, airy space.


  1. Manhattan Bathroom Designed by Steven Gambrel


As one of the hippest designers in Manhattan, Steven Gambrel has truly outdone himself with this incredibly attractive black and white modern bathroom.


As part of this design, he made black and white his principal colors.


The bathroom shower is one of the most attractive pieces within the entire room. He added a metallic and marble shower door that really helps to make the room pop.


The shiny vanity is also another standout piece. The shininess of the vanity helps to give the room a warm, wonderful glow.


And let’s not forget about the tiles. They were designed by Mosaic House, and they really help make the entire room stand out.


If you are looking for a modern black and white bathroom design to model, this is definitely a favorite for many and one worth borrowing if you’re having a tough time coming up with your own design style.


  1. Bathroom Design in Janie Bryant’s LA Home

Former Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant has gone above and beyond while designing her LA home. In particular, we’re going to focus on how she designed her bathroom today.


To start with, just like the rest of her home, her bathroom was painted with the creamy white color Swiss coffee by Benjamin Moore. This gorgeous color really helps make the room grab hold of and keep your attention.


The bathroom also has very attractive and lavish Phylrich faucets. And the black and white Horchow mirror really helps bring the whole room together.




It’s easier to design a black and white modern bathroom than ever. Borrow from these design styles if you need additional help, or create your own unique design.


Most important of all, remember to have fun designing your beautiful black and white bathroom creation.


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    I like black and white colors and actually that’s the color of our bedroom. Black and white is simple yet elegant. Most restaurants, bars, offices, etc, are using the color black and white because it looks cool in the eyes. This article is very helpful to those people who likes color black and white.

  • Melissa Caron | Apr 18, 2018 at 7:09 am

    Different designs you show and shared in this article and I have learned so much, great ideas and techniques. Thank you for sharing this amazing designs, great job!.

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