Custom Cabinets


APlus custom cabinets are some of the highest quality cabinets on the market & across Orange County; ranging in all different prices, sizes, designs, and types. We produce cabinetry for kitchens, entertainment centers, bathroom vanities, bars, offices, and even closets. They are manufactured from start to finish at the Anaheim facility, making it simple for our cabinet engineers to oversee quality control. We have combined the Framed and Frameless construction processes to create a special process, specific to our company, which boasts quality and ingenuity. Those, along with the fact that we construct our own doors and drawer boxes and choose specific types of wood species that specifically work with Southern California climates, make us unique among other cabinet manufacturers. We have been voted by our fans & past clients as the consecutive years, including 2014 & 2015, 2012 & 2011.

We have chosen to work with Beech, Maple, and African Mahogany wood types because of the level of durability, ease of care, and beauty they each exude. Our custom cabinet boxes structurally sound, and built with plywood on both the panels and backing, using absolutely no cardboard backings or MDF. All cabinets are hand stained and sprayed to have a lasting protection and can be made specifically to any angle, design, or size that will accommodate each of the client’s needs.

We also use a million BTU oven to bake our finishes to give them a finish that will last for years and year to come. We give our clients the option of adding corbels, legs, hoods, and decorative items to the cabinets for absolute control of the custom design and process. We want to treat our clients’ kitchens like they are each unique pieces of furniture. APlus also makes it effortless for the client to get exactly what they are looking for, at a price that they can afford.

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