Design Showroom

APlus Design Showroom

Our design showroom is located in the beautiful city of Anaheim. Here you’ll find our friendly knowledgeable staff of interior designers that help our clients walk through the process of selection. The designers assist in selecting the suitable materials and color schemes to produce the concept of the project. APlus is a one stop shop that brings all of your kitchen, bathroom other remodeling needs in one place. Granite to quartz counter tops, wood, tile, carpet flooring, knobs, handles, glass, and all other materials required for your home remodel. Along with our state of the art custom cabinetwork and moldings. Now you do not have to travel to many showrooms and shops to find what you are looking for. We have brought all of the most popular and reputable vendors all in one place.

We are an authorized re-seller of some of the largest and reputable brands in United States. Along with our award winning custom cabinets gets designed and manufactured in-house. We’re able to offer everything that you need for your remodeling project.

Dream kitchen visualize

We will help you visualize your dream kitchen, bathroom right there in our design showroom on our large screens TVs. Our talented designers will arrange your new kitchen cabinets, appliances, windows, walls on our showroom projector screens. Before built we will help you visualize every square inch of your project We will assist you in picking the right materials & colors along with changes in the design of your project.

Roll-out trays, lazy susans, pull-out trash cans, and spice racks are just a few of the many accessories and components that we feature in our design showroom. With APlus custom door styles, finish samples, granite samples, and hardware displays, Signature Designs is wellequipped to design the space of your dreams and build it for you from scratch in our Anaheim California factory.