San Clemente Kitchen Cabinets

If the old saying is true that the kitchen is the heart of the home, what’s the primary element of that heart?
The cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets carry so many purposes. They’re meant to look beautiful and add aesthetic value to a kitchen, but they’re also what dictates the functionality of that space. How much storage do your kitchen cabinets offer? Are there designated areas for all your utensils and cooking items? What about additional storage? Do your cabinets offer areas where you can display certain items while hiding others?

APlus works with San Clemente clients to consider all of the above factors and many others.

We’re a unique San Clemente cabinet company and kitchen redesign and remodeling firm.

We do it all and leave our clients with a fantastic result that’s everything they dream of in a kitchen.

San Clemente Kitchen Remodeling by APlus Interior Design & RemodelingSan Clemente Kitchen Cabinets Orange County By APlus Interior Design & Remodeling

Our Process for Designing San Clemente Kitchen Cabinets

At APlus, we have not only extensive design expertise and experience, but we do something unique with each of our San Clemente kitchen cabinet clients.

We listen.

San Clemente Complete Home Remodel with Custom Cabinets by APlus Interior Design & RemodelingSan Clemente Entertainment Center Orange County By APlus Kitchen & Bath

When we meet with new clients, we assess their current kitchen cabinets, as well as the entire design of the space. We then take the time to hear what they want and what they need to cultivate the kitchen they dream of.

It’s not until we’ve listened and thoroughly heard you, as our San Clemente kitchen cabinet client, that we then begin the process of designing custom cabinets.

Our custom cabinets at APlus can be designed to suit any specification or style requirement. Even if you have odd-shaped spaces in your kitchen that stock cabinets wouldn’t work for, this isn’t an issue when you opt to have your San Clemente kitchen cabinets designed by APlus. We can create one-of-a-kind cabinet design features completely from scratch. It’s not only the design of the cabinets that are part of the customization process.

Our San Clemente custom cabinets also include a selection of materials, door styles, construction styles and hardware. Technical considerations that are part of a cabinet project include plumbing and electrical outlets and connections. Luckily, when you partner with APlus for your kitchen renovation or custom cabinet design project, we’ll handle all of these details for you.

San Clemente Kitchen Remodeling with Custom Cabinets Before & After by APlus Interior Design & RemodelingSan Clemente Home Remodel with Custom Cabinets Before & After by APlus Interior Design & Remodeling

Once a custom cabinet design and layout are settled on, as well as details such as color, then we can begin the cabinet installation process.

As well as being expert kitchen cabinet designers and builders, APlus is unique because we want the installation to be as seamless as possible. We’ll handle every detail including how waste is dealt with, and we’ll also keep you ahead of scheduling issues.

Our San Clemente cabinet projects range from a complete kitchen remodel and overhaul, to simply redoing the cabinets.

Regardless of what option you opt for, the result is going to be a kitchen with stunning cabinetry that’s as functional as it is fantastic to look at.

It’s for that reason APlus continues to be the leading San Clemente kitchen cabinet designer, builder and installer, along with our full array of kitchen redesign and remodeling services.



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