What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the process of replacing doors and drawer fronts while veneering cabinet boxes. The cabinet boxes stay in their current layout but they get a new finish while the other parts, drawer fronts and cabinet drawers, get replaced. New trim and hardware are the last step of the process to refacing cabinets.

This is a great option for those looking to get new cabinet look without the custom cabinet price tag. Doors and drawer fronts of cabinets wear down faster than the frames so it’s not always necessary to install new custom cabinets to an already adequate layout.

Why reface and what are the benefits?

Refacing is less expensive than a custom remodel and it also adds new value to the home. It is perfect for people with a smaller budget and tight schedules since it’s not as extensive as a complete remodel. An already working layout gets a facelift without interrupting busy schedules since refacing maintains current cabinet frames, electrical and plumbing. Strength is also added to your existing cabinets providing greater structural integrity for years to come.

Along with refacing one might also add other improvements such as installing new knobs and handles, new countertops and other accessories. The new additions such as lazy susan’s in corner cabinets, roll out shelving for heavy pots, crown molding, trash rollouts and new countertops not only make the space more efficient but also change the look of the space anywhere from traditional to contemporary.