Orange County Kitchen Remodeling


What is a kitchen to most homeowners? It’s one of the most functional, multi-purpose areas of a home, and it also happens to be where friends and family gather, where entertaining takes place, and really the central hub of all the activity in a home. It’s for those reasons that not just the style, but also the level of functionality of a kitchen are so essential.

Orange County Kitchen RemodelingOrange County Kitchen Cabinets

Taking On a Kitchen Renovation

When you walk into a home’s kitchen, you can almost instantly see if it’s outdated, in disrepair, if there’s a lack of storage space and organization elements, or if it’s just in need of a remodel.

That’s where the services of APlus comes into the equation. We’re Orange County kitchen remodeling experts who understand the complexity that comes with a total kitchen renovation. It goes far beyond simply choosing finishes or paint colors.

A thorough Orange County kitchen remodeling project starts from the ground-up. Many of the kitchen renovations we take on at APlus are complete design-builds, which means we take the kitchen down to the studs and begin rebuilding it in a way that reflects not just the aesthetic preferences of the homeowner, but also their logistical needs.

We take on each step of the project, making it as easy and effortless for our Orange County clients as possible. For example, we ensure you’re working only with highly reputable and licensed subcontractors, we handle all building code and permit issues, and we can also create a one-of-a-kind kitchen design that reflects everything you’ve always wanted.

Orange County Kitcehn RemodelOrange County Kitchen Cabinets

Our Areas of Design and Remodeling Expertise

What’s unique about APlus, and what allows us to remain the go-to company in terms of kitchen remodeling in Orange County, is our breadth of specialization. Kitchen remodeling is the number one home renovation project clients want to embark on, and it’s also where you can significantly increase the value of your home.

We understand that.

Our process begins with a thorough consultation, which is where we get to know you, your family, your lives and what you ultimately want to achieve with your kitchen renovation. Once we have that understanding, we consider logistical concerns, particularly layout and traffic flow.

We can then move on to the more in-depth aspects of the project, such as designing custom luxury cabinets that look great but also include hidden features, convenient storage, and upgrades like soft-close drawers. At APlus, we not only create custom cabinetry for our Orange County kitchen clients, but we construct these cabinets locally, so each and every detail is to your exact specifications.

We then move on to other elements such as the kitchen countertops, light fixtures and electrical considerations, tile and flooring, and appliance packages.

Kitchen remodeling orange county before & after

Budget and Timing

We understand that our Orange County kitchen remodeling clients have specific needs not just regarding how their kitchen will look and function, but also in terms of their budget. This is an essential component of each project that we take on, and we’ll always keep your budget in mind when offering you options to select from and when recommending a scope of work.

As well as full-scale kitchen remodeling in Orange County, we can also work with clients to do a “refresh.” This can include small alterations such as new flooring or countertops, or you might want to consider installing new custom cabinetry, while leaving the general layout and design of your kitchen the same.

Regardless of your style, your budget, or your needs, APlus is Orange County’s top kitchen remodeling company.



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