Kitchen and home remodel in an aliso viejo home

The Gunderman family, who lives in this Aliso Viejo home, had one primary complaint when they decided to remodel their kitchen and home. They felt their tract house lacked a feeling of open space and customization. These were the big issues Alex and APlus tackled.

The Gundermans said there were a few key things that led them to select APlus for their Orange County home remodel project. One was that instead of bringing alreadymade drawings and plans to the initial consultation, Alex waited until he had a feel for the house and what would be required. The Gundermans were also impressed with their tour of the Anaheim factory where all APlus custom cabinets are made locally. They felt this would allow them to get the customized look and feel they really wanted.

The style of the kitchen blends the homeowners’ love of classic French Country style with the luxury of marble countertops, which was important to Mr. Gunderman. A wall was removed and reconstructed to add more space around the large island that was added to the kitchen, and in the dining area of the kitchen, a picture window was introduced, creating the sense the outdoors was brought in, which is excellent for entertaining, which this Orange County family frequently does.