Custom kitchen remodel in lake forest, orange county

When Lake Forest, Orange County homeowners Peg and Randy were initially considering a kitchen remodel, the started by visiting big box stores, but quickly realized stock cabinets weren’t right for the look they wanted to achieve. That’s when they decided to contact APlus. They worked with the design team to come up with a kitchen concept and color palette they say they could have never created on their own, but the result is according to the homeowners, gorgeous.

Before the APlus Orange County kitchen remodel, the space was bland and outdated with standard builder-grade stock cabinets and tiled countertops.

Now, the result is a sophisticated kitchen with completely custom cabinets that feature quality workmanship and ample storage. Before the remodel, these Lake Forest homeowners were storing kitchen items in the garage, but now they find everything is storable with room to spare. Along with the beautiful, luxurious color palette and custom cabinets, Peg and Randy say they were very pleased with the cost of the project. Previously they believed a custom kitchen would be out of their budget, but they discovered that when working with APlus that wasn’t the case.