41 – San Juan Capistrano – Kitchen Remodel


Here at APlus, we believe that everyone deserves to live in a home that matches their sense of style. That’s why we offer high-quality renovations that are tailored to our client’s unique preferences, even when a home’s existing look is nice already. Such was the case with this kitchen in a San Juan Capistrano home. While the former traditional white design was pleasant, it didn’t mesh with the modern, funky style of the homeowner. By working with them, we were able to peg every detail and create a new kitchen with their desired vibe. First, we put in natural stone tile flooring, and built custom cabinets in the original U-shape. The cabinets we built were given radiant brown finish with medium contrast on the wood grain. They were also accented with minimalist stainless steel handles and pulls for a sleek impression, and the upper cabinets had lighting attached to their undersides.

The addition of solid white countertops gave a bright addition to the now contemporary kitchen, and matched well with the freshly installed apron-front farmhouse sink. Stainless steel appliances were put in, giving the space extra shine and modernity. For the finishing touch, we gave the kitchen walls a colorful facelift with a quirky tile backsplash, made up of glass tiles shimmering in hues of pearly white, lime green, and plum purple. Would you like to infuse your own personal style into your home? Give us a call today. Our team of contractors and designers would be happy to discuss your home remodeling project!