53 – Laguna Niguel – Kitchen Remodel with Custom Cabinets


A Laguna Niguel homeowner was in desperate need of help after her original kitchen was destroyed by a major leak. Unfortunately, she first went to a home improvement chain store for her cabinets, which ended up coming out all wrong. That was when she came to APlus to make it right. We started the renovation fresh, taking everything out and building anew. Upon the beige stone tile flooring we constructed all new cabinetry in traditional design and asymmetrical U-shaped layout. They were given a sumptuous espresso brown finish and meticulous moulding details, resulting in a bold new look of sultry sophistication that is complemented by the chic black appliances built into the cabinetry. Many of the cabinets were inset with etched glass panels, as well as custom fixtures like a built-in wine rack, fold-out corner doors, lazy suzans, and track lighting mounted beneath the upper cabinets. This lighting installation combines with the recessed lighting on the ceiling to to provide just enough illumination for working in the kitchen, while still creating an intimate atmosphere.

At the kitchen’s center, we built an island with a multitude of drawers and cabinets, increasing the amount of storage and surface work space in the room. All of the surfaces are mounted with warm-toned granite countertops, which are extended up the walls as sleek backsplashes. Overall, the new kitchen’s palette of coffee and chocolate mousse cultivates a dramatic style that exudes romance and class, exactly what this homeowner was looking for. We were happy to be able to help her through her renovation hurdles, and would be delighted to assist you in your own kitchen remodel. If you are an Orange County homeowner interested in having your kitchen, bathroom, or full home renovated, get in touch with APlus today for our professional advice and a detailed quote!