59 – Huntington Beach – Complete House Remodel along with brand new custom cabinets


When we were asked to do a complete remodel of this home in Huntington Beach, we were tasked with helping the owners find creative ways to make the most of their home’s available space. The old kitchen was sectioned off from the rest of the rooms by walls, which we promptly knocked out to create an open L-shaped kitchen. Rustic wood flooring with a subtle golden tone was put in as a foundation, and traditional custom cabinets with understated moulding and stainless steel hardware were built according to the new layout and given a dark espresso brown finish. Our goal for the new kitchen was to maximize storage space, so we built in a number of efficient customizations, such as spice-pulls, fold-out corner doors, and lazy suzans. Almost every portion of the new construction includes storage compartments, with drawers and cabinets on just about every side. We even crafted a small pantry on the outer left side of the kitchen, next to the fridge encasement. At the center of the kitchen, an oversized island has ornamental posts on the side with room for seating, and storage space integrated in every available section. A pale stone tile backsplash with a diamond-patterned focal point above the stove decks the walls, and light gray granite countertops cover the surfaces.

In the living room, the old fireplace had a brick facade that reached all the way up to the ceiling. We refaced it with sandy stone tiles and a sculpted white mantle. The guest bathroom was given a new vanity and cabinets, built in the same style as the kitchen cabinetry. It was outfitted with a gray granite countertop, and new tiling on the floor and shower walls. The master bathroom received the same treatment, in addition to the removal of sliding doors and the addition of a wall to make better use of the space. In the laundry/storage area of the home, we constructed simple white cabinets to accommodate a great deal of household supplies and belongings that were in need of stowing away. The rest of the home was upgraded with the installation of new high quality windows, as well as a sliding glass door. Do you have a home in Huntington Beach or another part of Orange County? We can help you update it with a beautiful and professional renovation. Contact us today for a free quote.