48 – Chino Hills – Kitchen & Staircase Remodel


The owner of this Chino Hills home wanted a full renovation to make her dwelling more stylish and livable. Because APlus specializes in doing a variety of remodels, she entrusted us with the project. We started by replacing the home’s flooring with polished dark brown hardwood planks, which instantly made the abode appear more refined. Next, we overhauled the kitchen. Since there was only a small amount of space to work with, we built the new custom cabinets in a U-shaped layout, with a dark brown finish to match the floors. Gray granite countertops were installed, and extended a few inches up the walls as a backsplash. Over the stainless steel stove, we used the same material to create a full-height backsplash. Just outside of the kitchen, we built a working nook with cabinetry and a counter matching that of the kitchen. It comes complete with a peg board and filing station.

On the home’s stairway we put the new flooring planks on the steps, which contrasted beautifully with the white railings and step fronts. The same hardwood was used for the railing post and trim. More of the cabinetry and countertops found in the kitchen were built in the guest bathroom, and the laundry room has a work surface built over the machines out of the same gray granite. All of the home’s windows were replaced by APlus with beautiful and efficient new models, including tinted pieces and a sliding glass door. If you’d like your own home to undergo a full-scale renovation, contact our contracting team today!