35 – Buena Park – Kitchen Remodel


A gloomy Buena Park kitchen was in sore need of some sun and cheer. Our contractors and interior design team set to work planning and executing a renovation that would transform the space into a lively gathering point for the family. Dark hardwood floors were put in, visually expanding the room. While downsizing a window may have seemed like the last thing that should be done to bring light into a dark space, we did exactly that, knowing that our new design would work to reflect the maximum amount of light. Custom shaker style cabinets were built following the wide U-shape of the kitchen. Their clean white finish immediately brightened things up, and small touches like stainless steel handles and some glass panel insets gave the traditional look a modern influence. A large island with a seating area was also built at the center.

The walls were lined with a full-height backsplash of glossy white brick tiles, adding subtle shine. Cool black slab stone countertops with minimal white marbling and straight edges were installed. The hue takes on a blue cast at certain angles, a chic and unexpected design element. The recessed lighting installed on the ceiling, along with the industrial-themed hanging lamps introduce extra illumination that feels fresh and invigorating, never artificial. To get a quote for your own professional kitchen remodel or full home remodel, get in touch with us today.